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What you should know about Braces

If you’re not comfortable laughing or smiling because you are not confident about your smile, then it is time to think about braces. Crooked, crowded, protruded teeth, misaligned jaws, uneven teeth, bite problems and TMJ problems can be corrected by orthodontic treatment and improve your self-confidence.

Why Braces?A dentist usually recommends braces or aligners to improve a patient’s oral-facial appearance and solve bite problems. Braces use brackets that are attached to the teeth and are connected by archwires, while aligners are a series of well-fitting custom-made retainers that slip over the teeth.

There are different types of orthodontic treatments, including removable aligners and braces. When they are placed over your teeth, the appliances apply constant pressure to the teeth and help to gently and gradually move teeth in a carefully controlled direction.

During your appointment with us, our general dentist will evaluate your teeth and facial structure with X-rays. You will then be referred to our orthodontist (a dentist specialized in correcting your teeth and jaw alignment to improve your bite and smile) for treatment. After a detailed examination by our orthodontist the right type of braces or aligners will be prescribed, based on your teeth structure and condition.

Types of Braces: There are typically three types of braces – all of which utilize wires and elastic bands to attach braces together and align teeth – such as:

Traditional Braces: These are steel and /or titanium mixed braces with brackets connected by metal wires that encourage teeth to move. Brackets are bonded to the front of the teeth and typically used for children.
Invisible braces: Typically, these brackets are made of ceramic or plastic materials and function similar to traditional metal brackets.
Lingual Braces: Brackets are bonded to the back of the teeth making them invisible. These are cosmetic alternatives to metal braces.

Clear or “invisible” aligners are commonly recommended for adults or teens, as they are custom-built for a good fit and typically used for those who have mild or moderately crowded teeth or minor spacing issues.

Treatment Period: The amount of time you need to have your braces on, depends on your individual situation. Most treatments last from one to three years. We use updated materials that move teeth faster and precisely and cause less discomfort.

Benefits of Using Braces

Though braces are preferably at a young age, even people in their 40s, 50s or older are recommended orthodontic treatment for the various benefits they offer. Some benefits of orthodontic treatment or braces include:

• Helps straighten teeth that contributes to a great smile.
• Boosts self-esteem for adults and positive self-image for children, enhancing the way you will be seen among your peers, at work or social settings.
• Straight teeth improve the way you bite, chew or even speak; brings the teeth and lips in proportion with the jaws and face.
• With aligned teeth, future cavities, periodontal disease, and bad breath can be prevented by making cleaning and brushing easier.
• Aligned teeth and jaw help alleviate unnecessary wear and grind of teeth.

Why Dr. Koya’s Clinic?

Dr. Koya’s Clinic offers comprehensive orthodontic solutions for various alignment challenges of teeth, jaws, and lips. We provide metal, ceramic, invisible braces and clear aligners.Our orthodontists are adept at providing treatment with sophisticated materials, equipment, and X-rays.

Treatment outcomes are also dependent on the orthodontic mechanics that can vary depending on the efficiency of the orthodontists. We have experienced orthodontists who address specific teeth alignment problems and deliver great smiles.

We make sure our patients keep their regular follow-up appointments that are necessary to monitor treatment progress.We offer necessary instructions on maintenance of braces, regular oral hygiene and eating habits for effective results.

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