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Dental Bleaching

Dental Bleaching

What should you know about Teeth Whitening?

Are you wondering if you are a right candidate for teeth whitening? Dentists recommend teeth whitening for healthy teeth.Teeth whitening is a quick, non-invasive way to enhance your smile. At Dr.Koya’s clinic, our dentist will assess your oral health and recommend the whitening method that’s best for you.

Depending on the type and severity of the staining, we suggest the right whitening option for you. Whether it is teeth whitening or bleaching, it offers moderate to substantial improvement in the brightness and whiteness of teeth. Whitening or bleaching is not a permanent solution to discoloration (stained teeth). Good maintenance of teeth is a must, to prolong the effect.

Bleaching is used only when the teeth can be whitened beyond their natural color, while whitening is used to restore a tooth’s surface color. Bleaching is commonly referred as teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Options

There are three major teeth whitening options:

1) In-Office Whitening – is the most effective teeth whitening option that is done at the dentist’s office. This protocol involves careful application of a whitening gel (peroxide) on the teeth by the dentist or a trained technician. It takes about an hour for the procedure. Those with stubborn staining may require two or three, additional bleaching sessions. Sometimes they may have to continue with a home-use system.

2) Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Kits: Professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits also produce good results over a long period of time. These kits incorporate an easy-to-use-gel (lower-concentration peroxide) that is applied to the teeth using custom-made bleaching trays. It remains on the teeth for a couple of hours.

3) Over-the-Counter Products: This is the most convenient of the teeth whitening options, but not as effective as in-office whitening. These products often whiten only a few front teeth, unlike custom trays that whiten the entire smile. These are available over the counter. It contains a bleaching gel with peroxide concentration lower than that of the professionally dispensed take-home whiteners. The gel is applied to the teeth via trays, strips or applicators.

What causes teeth staining?

Age plays a direct role in teeth discoloration. Teeth darken as a result of wear and tear over the years, accumulate stains that gets difficult to remove with growing age.

Translucent teeth – Thinner and more transparent teeth have less of the pigment that is necessary for bleaching. According to cosmetic dentists, transparency is the only condition that cannot be corrected by bleaching the teeth. Veneers can be considered for translucent or grey teeth.

Foods: Regular consumption of red wine, coffee, tea, cola, carrots, oranges and other deeply-colored beverages and acidic (citrus) foods causes considerable staining and enamel erosion, over the years.

Smoking: Regular consumption of nicotine soak up the brownish deposits and cause intrinsic discoloration.

Drugs and Chemicals – Excessive consumption of fluoride causes fluorosis and associated white mottling.

Trauma: Falls and injuries cause cracks in the teeth, which collect large amounts of stains and debris.

Teeth Grinding: (gnashing, bruxing, etc.) can add to micro-cracking in the teeth and cause teeth darkening.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

1.Improves oral health –Having spent time and money to whiten teeth, you are more likely to take better care of your teeth (brushing and flossing regularly) in order to keep them looking good. Also, regular trips to the hygienist will keep your teeth in good shape and improve overall oral health too.

2.Improves self-confidence – White and sparkling teeth boosts self-esteem with better appearance and confidence levels.

3.Simple procedure – teeth whitening is a one-hour surgery-free procedure with no downtime. This can be encouraging to go for regular sessions so the whitening can be done gradually.

4.Affordable – teeth whitening is an affordable procedure which can produce almost immediate results.

5.Genuine smiles – White teeth means that smiles are more natural and genuine, without any stress of holding back the smile. It can be more appealing and attractive.

Why Dr. Koya’s Clinic?

Dr. Koya’s clinic lends its dental expertise in treating various health and lifestyle disorders associated with dental health. We have a proven record of providing effective value-added dental care that extends beyond conventional consultation and procedural treatment. Our team of expert dentists provides discerning solutions and sensitize patients on oral hygiene and dental devices including night guards and snore guards that can affect teeth color with grinding and chipping of teeth.

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