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Midline Diastema


What should you know about closing gaps between teeth?

Gaps or spaces between your teeth are also referred as a diastema. Gaps often appear between the two upper front teeth, which can take away your natural and confident smile. However, you need not feel unhappy about it. Cosmetic dentistry has many ways to close the gap and enhance your smile.

Diastema can be due to unusual spacing between the teeth, small teeth, or because of missing teeth. Habits such as thumb sucking can also lead to gaps between the teeth, pulling the front teeth forward and creating gaps. Whatever the reason may be, it is never too late to have corrective orthodontic treatment. It could be with braces, composite bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns.

Large gaps caused by missing teeth can be closed with tooth replacement by dental implants or bridge-work. Closing these gaps between teeth can optimize your bite and functionality, facilitate easier brushing and flossing – the result – healthy teeth and a confident smile.

Treatment Options – For eliminating gaps between teeth

Depending on various factors – such as the cause, size, and location of the space, the condition of adjacent teeth, your budget and personal needs – your treatment options can vary. From restorative treatments such as composite bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns to filling small gaps, to gaps caused by missing teeth, filled by dental implants or teeth supported bridge work, the treatment can be customized to the individual case and need.

Dental bonding is used to offer a perfect shape to the tooth by filling the spaces. Resin material is used to fill the vacant space with the help of amalgamator to ensure the actual tooth color of the patient is matched. This can be achieved in a single sitting.

Porcelain Veneers: Crowns/veneers are effective in closing large gaps between teeth, to get back your natural smile. The veneers we use depends on the condition and spaces between the teeth. We prefer stain resistant, strong and durable porcelain veneers to Composite veneers.

Orthodontic Options: Modern orthodontic treatment is often used to reposition teeth that are crooked or overcrowded, as well as to close gaps between teeth and correct bite disorders. Some of the most effective options to fix a gap in teeth are braced such as:

• Hidden Braces
• Conventional braces
• ‘Invisible’ braces
• Clear aligners
• Removable aligners

Benefits of Closing Gaps between Teeth

• Better cleaning efficiency and fewer chances of caries in between teeth.
• Prevention of dental problems such as gum disease and plaque build-up.
• Address issues such as overbites or underbites, incorrect jaw position, and crooked or crowded teeth.
• Prevent the effect of misaligned bite or jaw that can cause pain and discomfort in the mouth and in the muscles as far down as the shoulders and upper back.
• A well-aligned healthy smile can bring back your confidence, with a revitalized look.

Why Dr. Koya’s Clinic?

No matter which technique of gap closure is used for treating gaps between the teeth, we always advise our patients to take utmost care of their oral health, even after the treatment is completed, in order to maintain the effectiveness of the procedure.

At Dr. Koya’s clinic, our core abilities are well-placed to treat Diastema through various techniques. We offer a wide range of effective treatments while offering flexibility to our patients. We also understand the impact that long-term dental treatment can have on your life, so we discuss the treatment plan in detail with our patients, to make sure we’re on the same page. Have questions or need an appointment to enhance your smile? Call us +91 82978-91188; +91 99633-33456 or Email at