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Laser Dentistry


What you should know about Laser Dentistry

Do you consider yourself an anxious dental patient? Are you seeking extreme safety and comfort?If yes, then you must consider dentists who have incorporated laser techniques into their practices and treatments, like us, at Dr. Koya’s Clinic.

What is a laser? Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation or Laser) is the most advanced form of non-invasive treatment that has an edge over conventional, cosmetic and general dental procedures in many ways. Lasers are precise and effective in the treatment of several dental diseases and disorders, related to both hard and soft tissues, such as gums, cavity or other oral issues.

A laser is a very narrow, intense beam of light energy which alters the tissue shape or removes the tissue it comes into contact with.Lasers make treatment very effective, precise, faster and comfortable to the patient.Laser minimizes bleeding and significantly reduces pain for the patient. One of the prime benefits of lasers is faster healing. This consequently reduces the time spent in the dental chair for the patient and also provides predictable treatment outcomes.

Benefits of Using Laser Dentistry

Reduces the need for sutures (stitches)in procedures performed using soft tissue dental lasers
Certain procedures can be managed with lasers without the need for anesthesia.
Minimizes bleeding as a laser beam aids in the clotting (coagulation) of exposed blood vessels and inhibit blood loss.
Minimizes bacterial infections as the high-energy beam also sterilizes the surrounding area that it comes into contact with.
Minimizes the damage to surrounding tissue.
Wounds heal faster with tissue regeneration.

Why Dr. Koya’s Clinic?

Dr. Koya’s Clinicuse advanced lasers for gum diseases. The potential for lasers to improve dental procedures rests in the dentist’s skill and experience, in the way they use lasers in controlling the power output and the duration of exposure on the tissue, without damaging the surrounding tissues. Dentists at Dr. Koya’s Clinic are skilled in the use of lasers and have a high success rate of treatments with an equal number of satisfied patients.

Some of the treatments where lasers are used in our clinic include:

Cosmetic Dentistry: Remove or reshape gum and bone tissues to enhance the smile.
Root Canal Disinfection: Sterilize the root canals and prevent recurrent root infections.
Teeth Whitening: Speed up the tooth whitening process and achieve longer lasting whitening.
Mouth Ulcers treatment: Reduce the discomfort of canker sores, cold sores or mouth ulcers.
Crown – lengthening: Manage gum tissue during impressions for crowns.
Tissue Biopsy: Remove a small portion of tissue for histopathological study.
Gum Surgery: Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty: Remove inflamed gum tissues and aid in the treatment of gum disease.
Soft tissue surgery: Removal of infected, affected and injured tissue, for example removal of tiny cysts, fibromas, polyps and dental abscess.
Implant recovery
Orthodontics: Frenectomy, Access to unerupted teeth: Release the impediments to teeth movement, prevent gum recession by cutting the fibrous bands of the frenum; or remove a tiny portion of the thick gums that hinder tooth eruption.

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